Sonic Objects, Solar Objects: Variously (2014)


Collaboration with Bianca Hester (Sculpture) and Polly Stanton (Edit, Sound).
            Employing a range of fabricated and cast metallic objects as props, Hester will work with a group of participants in Warrnambool to explore a range of sonic and optical possibilities across a variety of sites including those of disappeared cinemas such as the Liberty Cinema (now a Coles supermarket) and the Shandon Drive-In (now an abandoned block).
            These explorations took place across three days, culminating in a sonic-optic performance and film projection that will gather participants and an audience in the local Coles carpark on July 4th 2014.

High definition single-channel video, sound
Duration 12m00s
Sculpture Bianca Hester
Camera James Wright, Polly Stanton
Sound Recordist Polly Stanton
Editor Polly Stanton
Gauge Blackmagic Cinema Camera