Outfall (2019)


Outfall interprets the Western Treatment Plant as a complex multispecies assemblage of the Anthropocene. Over 110km2, through channel, pipe, valve and pond, the flux of a century of human waste is transformed and transforming.
            Historic wetland destruction in Australia has radically altered fragile ecosystems and rendered an increasingly uninhabitable world. Approximately 30,000 birds of 284 species, including those gravely threatened, now migrate thousands of kilometres across the planet to take refuge on fertile artificial ponds.
            Advancing a bio-centred egalitarianism, Outfall aims to situate the human within its manifold entangled and emplaced, ecohistorical relations. As we awaken within planetary-scale ecological crisis, we may ask, where is out?

High definition single-channel video, sound
Duration 25m10s
Camera James Wright, Eugene Perepletchikov
Drone pilot Dale Cochrane
Editor James Wright
Sound recordist James Wright
Gauge Red DSMC2 Helium
Special thank you to Peter Kissonergis, Melbourne Water and the Western Treatment Plant team.