James Wright

b. 1984, Melbourne, Australia
Lives and works in Melbourne

A current focus of my work is the ongoing investigation into the notional boundaries which constitute living and material forms. Attending to the situated connectivities that bind us to the more-than-human in an era of perpetual and ambient ecological crisis. Bringing ecocritical discourse to bear on the contemporary question of our species’ absolute ontological divide in the Anthropocene (or Capitalocene). By destabilising the old anthropocentric categories of culture and nature, I aim to situate the human within its manifold entangled and emplaced, ecohistorical relations.
            While the heterogeneity of landscapes results from an instability of ecosystems over time, profound human disturbance creates ideal spaces for ecological noticing through documentary forms. Contested sites are studied for their latent economic, social and political histories through a multispecies sensory ethnographic fieldwork of various means of capture and transmission.
            I am interested in how ecocriticism and expanded documentary modes may intersect, examining their reflexive capacities and limitations for observing and representing reality. How the cinematic interval figures in the contemporary multiplicity of duration, or images of an event in the politics of memory.
            By the reframing of the environment as the symbiotic co-production of life itself, we can begin to dismantle the destructive mythologies anthropocentrism has wrought on a precariously balanced multispecies planet. To render sensible a view of the complex assemblages we enmesh, towards practices of co-habitation on an exhausted and despoiled Earth.
            I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters on which this body of work is produced and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Curriculum vitae